Who are the people behind Framed?

Nick Geurse – Owner and Managing Director.

Nick’s professional background is in Mechanical Engineering and since 2005 has brought his knowledge and expertise to developing Hout en Timmerfabriek Oudshoorn into a leading supplier of individually designed and hand crafted quality wooden frames.
As you’d expect as an engineer, Nick thoroughly understands and appreciates the whole process from design through production to installation. Indeed, all elements of production are carried out ‘in-house’ to ensure continuation in all aspects of quality. 

Nick has built his reputation by advising his clients in a fair and impartial manner.

He knows what will work and won’t work in practical terms.
In turning your ideas into the best solution, Nick can provide invaluable guidance from the design stage, materials selection and production technique – in order to ensure the best long term results for you. 

•    Impartial advice and practical guidance to transform your ideas into quality solutions.

Talitha van Delden – Financial / Marketing Director & inspiration behind FRAMED.

Talitha has a depth of experience in marketing and retail, and as such she has a keen eye for detail, beautifully designed products and above all delivering excellent customer service. She loves to sell beautiful durable products made by specialists.
Talitha will be your first point of contact for enquiries both by ‘phone or email.
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, and having run several successful retail outlets herself, Talitha fully recognises the importance of putting the customer first, especially in these tight ecomomic times.

•    Detail and organisation to ensure your enquiry is attended to comprehensively throughout.