What is framed©?

We invite you to open your window onto a world of possibilities.

Transform a 'space for living' into your 'ideal home' with individually designed, handcrafted and precision fitted frames.

Create a favourite place in your home to reflect how you want to feel - comfortable inside and at peace with the world outside.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life - our bespoke designs are tailor made to your requirements.

Framed® is:

  • Protection against wind and cold
  • Integral to your own interior design
  • Defining the ambience of your home
  • Contributing to the uniqueness of your home
  • Adding value to your home
  • Helping the environment


  • More comfort
  • More luxury
  • More at home

Enjoy your special piece of your world!

Framed is the brand name of our high quality collection – fully bespoke wooden frames, windows and doors – designed and manufactured in our own factory, Hout en Timmerfabriek Oudshoorn B.V.

Key Points:

  • Our products are accurately crafted by true professionals
  • We work with the best timber of the highest quality
  • Each product is custom made
  • We consider the protection of forests worldwide of paramount importance and are acutely aware of the social, environmental and economic issues involved.
  • We only use timber sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable plantations, approved for purpose by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council.
  • We are FSC certified and therefore we deliver fully FSC certified products.
  • As a window or door forms an important part of the interior of your home, the type of wood and its appearance is of the utmost importance.