Source of timber – responsible and sustainable forest management.

We love working with wood.

As you will discover, there are many types of specialist timber we can use in order to deliver an outstanding result for you. We are acutely aware of the need to protect unique forests the world over, which is why we source our specialist timber only from sustainable and responsibly managed plantations. As we are FSC certified we only use timber approved for purpose by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council.


Wood is a natural beauty.

There is nothing forced or artificial about this beauty, no coldness of steel, blandness of concrete, or sterility of plastic. Wood has many personalities, it can be hip, trendy, classic, strong and reliable. Wood is adaptable, fitting any style in a timeless fashion. Wood is friendly, exuding calm and warmth. Wood just feels good.


Wood is wonderful to work with.

There are two main groups of wood we work with: Hardwood & Softwood.

Pretty logical, and we’d like to take you through some of the main types of wood we are experienced with working, so that you can understand and appreciate the different characteristics they possess – in order to make it easier for you in your choice of wood, as well as providing you with a greater choice than you may have expected !!