Respect for the Environment

Sustainable construction involves many elements, the main concept being that: The development and use of buildings is in line with a fundamental respect for people and the environment.

As well as conservation of energy, sustainable construction includes:

* Using materials that take into account the environment and the health of residents.

* The provision of a healthy indoor life through, for example, efficient ventilation systems –preventing moisture, condensation and the accumulation of harmful substances.

* Recycling and re-use of materials or by-products involved in demolition.

* Responsible use of water resources.

* Where possible to avoid depletion of raw / newly sourced building material.

This practice is in fitting with our ‘corporate social responsibility’ program - which  also includes the source of our timber involving responsible and sustainable forest management, as approved by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the principals of sustainable construction through our working practices, as well as being proud of our contribution to the appearance, feel and atmosphere of your home through our crafted products.