Are you planning to renovate your home?

Framed is often involved in renovation projects in close cooperation with reputable building companies and contractors. We are particularly active and have good experience with houses that were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Properties from this period were often fitted with fine classic wooden frames, windows and doors. We specialise in the renovation and, when required, accurate and faithful replacement of these important features of your home.

Are you planning to make better use of the space you have?

More people are choosing to increase their living space by installing dormer windows or creating an extension rather than moving to larger premises. Working together with your chosen building contractor, we can design and deliver solutions to fit your ideas.


Examples of our workmanship

Take a look at the many quality projects we have undertaken in recent years. You can view these in our Projects section.


Engage with us - Find out what we can do for you

Please feel free to make an appointment with us. If you like we can come to you and we would be delighted to discuss your ideas. We can make a detailed survey and provide you with a competitive quotation.

There is no obligation to commit until you feel comfortable that we understand what you want and you are confident we can deliver what you want.