All frames were replaced with new ones equipped with insulating glass.

At the front there were the original sash-windows. These were replaced by Tilt & Turn windows.

These originated in Germany and through a simple mechanism have the ability to both tilt inwards from the top like a hopper window, or open inwards from side hinges like a casement window.

In appearance the modern frames are indistinguishable from what existed before, however they are much safer and far easier to use.

In this house in Rotterdam on the Burgemeester Meineszlaan in Rotterdam all the wooden frames and window frames will be replaced with new frames with insulated glass. At this moment the frames are stored in our factory to be placed in April 2015.


In the façade at the rear, all windows were replaced. On the first floor the former frame consisted of double centrally-engaging casement windows.

The architect intended to create a new frame in two parts consisting of french windows. After consultation with our installation contractor we advised that the new frame should be made up of five parts each of even breadth, due to the large width of the frame ( 7.5 metres ).

For a house in the Willem de Zwijgerlaan in Voorschoten we made the wooden window frames and wooden doors.

Replacement of the single-hung boxsash windows including the fixed skylights. All fitted out with insulating glass. The detail of the central dividing glazing bar has been brought back to prominence.

On consulting our installation contractor, special insulating strips were used, making the notoriously drafty sash window now virtually draft-free.

We made more wooden frames and window frames for a beautiful house in the Hugo de Grootstraat in Wassenaar in 2014.

With this house a complete floor was added ( right hand side ).

Throughout the property the frames were designed and tailor made to the wishes of the residents. The small tower is lined with meranti, which over time will take on a more natural weathered grey appearance.

Replacement of all frames. The challenge of this project was to allow the style of the old windows to be replicated by new windows, as well as being equipped with insulating glass. This was the wish of the residents as well as a requirement of the city council planning office.

The neighbouring property still retains the old frames with single glazing. In appearance there is no visible difference.