The frames we make are tailor made to your specifications. On the first appointment everything is accurately measured. On the basis of this data we will put together an estimate for you. Should you wish to commission us to carry out the work, we will again measure the required dimensions along with one of our selected partner contractors who are responsible for final installation. This dual process ensures an exact fit as well as taking into account any installation factors to achieve this.

The above thorough process is also followed if you just require new window frames – again tailor made to your specifications.

There are a variety of types of window you may wish to consider:

  • Sliding or Sash windows can slide either horizontally or vertically.

They can be double or single sliding in the horizontal plane.

In the vertical plane they both can move as a double hung ‘boxsash’, or in the case of a single hung ‘boxsash’ only the bottom window can move vertically.

We can supply the finished article with stylish fittings designed by G.Bonomi & Figli.

Please click on image to view full collection in each category.

Established in 1720 by Giuseppe Bonomi and situated in the Italian town of Tione di Trento, GBT is world renowned as a producer of quality and sophisticated door and window fittings. You can have first hand experience of these stylish products at our premises.

We make doors in all shapes and sizes. You may wish to consider a new style of door to fit with your ideas. We can also restore your doors to their former glory.

In our factory we also make these items, again tailor made. Our thorough process of measurement, design discussion and pre-installation issues is again rigorously followed in order to get the perfect professional result you require. 

Again there is a wide variety of types of wood for you to choose from.


Insulating glass works in two ways – it reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows, and allows heat energy from the sun in. This type of energy efficient glazing incorporates low-emissivity technology and can significantly improve the overall thermal performance of a window.