The above thorough process is also followed if you just require new window frames – again tailor made to your specifications.

There are a variety of types of window you may wish to consider:

  • Sliding or Sash windows can slide either horizontally or vertically.

They can be double or single sliding in the horizontal plane.

In the vertical plane they both can move as a double hung ‘boxsash’, or in the case of a single hung ‘boxsash’ only the bottom window can move vertically.

  • Hinged windows.

Casement windows are hinged at the side, Awning windows at the top and Hopper windows at the bottom.

  • Tilt and Turn windows.

Can be tilted open to ventilate a room like a Hopper, but also can be swung open like a Casement window. Designed to open inwards, making cleaning easier.

  • Pivoting windows.

Are mounted on central pivoting hinges and can be swung through 360 degrees. Skylights mounted in the roof are often of this type, commonly known as Velux.





Your choice may depend on mode of usage, appearance, quality and price. 

There may be other factors including criteria specified by heritage councils.

Again you have a choice of many types of wood.

Our windows can be delivered to you incorporating many features such as: 

Latches, hinges and locks, profiling, glazing bars, beading and draft exclusion.