Our working methods and procedure

For your convenience, you can ask for a quote from us in two ways:

  • You can request a quote via email. 

Send us through sketches or photos of the kind of windows, doors or frames you would like to have designed and installed – along with photos of the current situation, if possible. We will reply in writing with an estimate, to give you a general idea of what is involved.

  • You can invite us round to view.

We can then properly assess what needs to be done, discuss the possibilities with you and after fully surveying your project we can provide you with an accurate quotation. The above procedures are to provide you with a quotation only, and you are not obliged to engage our services. 


Engaging us to carry out the work

When you have approved our quotation, we shall send you through a written ‘confirmation of engagement’ containing what has been agreed between us in order to carry out your instructions. This document will also state the date from when we can deliver and if required, an installation schedule.  Just before completion we will contact you by telephone to agree upon a convenient day and time-frame for delivery / installation.

Installation of frames, doors and windows is carried out by one of our selected partner contractors with whom we work very closely. Early on in the process, before design and production, we carry out the definitive ‘measuring up’ along with the contractor who is responsible for final installation. This dual process ensures an exact fit, as well as taking into account any installation factors to be considered and solved to achieve this. 

Furthermore we would like to invite you to visit our factory, where you are given the opportunity to see how your windows, frames and doors are made and by whom.